Okay, winter is finally here.  I think the high today was about 8 degrees, but it’s now Zero and dropping like a stone.  Finally.  Should firm things up on the hill.

Nice chat with Tim Kelley today.  Look forward to seeing him next week when they have Christmas break.

Dave & I had a really good and productive day making Dodge Ski Boots today.   Will be finishing up and delivering the 255s to PJ tomorrow.  Are you ready?

Got a package today loaded with packing peanuts.  Yuk!  BUT, there was a slip of paper inside saying they were made from cornstarch and biodegradable.  Right!  So of course I grabbed a handful and held them underwater.  They did dissolve, and rather quickly.  Good job GreenboatStuff.com!  This is someone you should do business with.

How `bout Didier Cuche?  Think he’s been reading about Mohammed Ali  … aka “Rope A Dope”?  It will be interesting to see how he does in the race.

Think it’s cold in Sugarloaf?  How about -3 degrees right now?

Keep warm. and,

Keep breathing.


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