Dave & I had a great couple of hours at Cochran’s yesterday.  Cold and very windy in the Green Mountain state, which caused the “big” areas to have wind holds.  But not Cochran’s!  Nice skiing and high school race camps.  A number of kids from MMSC there too.

Had some good face to face with a lot of good skiing people who were interested in the boot and, for many, it was the first time they’d seen it.  Nice feedback, too.

Some on-snow trials from at least a couple of guys back for the holidays from racing in Europe.  We expect at least a couple of pairs to be headed back to Europe in the next few days.  Whoo hoo!

One thing we’re finding with fitting the boot is how important it is to align the cuff.  Unlike a rubber boot where there is some play, the Dodge Ski Boot has a stiffer cuff that likes to be lined up for the individual skier’s leg.  It also plays an important role in the comfort.

Watch WPTZ television.  They had a camera at Cochran’s and got some nice shots of the Dodge boot in action.

Take care.


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