Every year Bonnie & I go on a camping trip with 3 or 4 other couples for a once-a-year get together. It’s a terrific time with some good friends and something I look forward to.  When the kids were little, we all camped and enjoyed many of the fabulous state parks.  As we got older, we expanded the definition of camping to include summer camps and then to include vacations.  (I think it might’ve started with the Phish farewell concert in Coventry when we stayed at a house on Lake Memphremagog and biked to the concert.)  This year we’re enjoying the ocean and sand.  Nice.

But it doesn’t mean I’m not taking time for work on DODGE carbon fiber ski boot business.  I’m busy trying to arrange things for a trip to New Zealand to work with our star racers and do tests of some tweaks that will make the DODGE Ski Boot even faster.  People who might’ve seen or even tried boots as recently as a few weeks ago will be in for a shock at how much better and faster the newest version is.  I won’t be surprised to see some dropped jaws after the New Zealand races.

If you will be in NZ, let me know.

Off to the beach.


  1. v nice! my e-mail hasn’t changed and I think I have an old one for you. pls send something. i’m vt – bound tomorrow. there for a while, if you’re back anytime soon.

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