We’re continuing to push like crazy finishing up boots.  Just when we think we’re gaining on it, we get more orders and have to push even harder to keep up.  It’s a good problem to have, but it makes for long days and no time off.

I finally completed molding the latest run of parts on Saturday while Dave assembled more boots. The benches are so covered with boots it’s tough to find a clear work space! But we should have everything done this week before our road trip.

Getting some good reports from people on their new DODGE carbon fiber ski boots as they’re out on snow.  It’ll be fun for me and Dave to get on snow ourselves and get the cobwebs worked out, then get down to exploring different set-ups and materials.

Had a nice visit from Warner Nickerson last night.  Bonnie was delighted to see him and cooked him a terrific meal.  She was nice enough to let me and Dave have some, but gave Warner all the left overs to take with him.  No lunch for me! How much does that suck?

Warner Nickerson & Bonnie Doble after a nice visit.

It was a good session as we talked through some set-up and testing strategies that we’ll be pursuing over the next few weeks.  The fun thing with this boot is the uncharted territory.  You can’t, and indeed should not, rely on what’s been done with rubber boots.  In fact, quite often we find the traditional methods being used for rubber boots are completely opposite from what works best for the DODGE carbon fiber boot.  People who are able to let go of conventional “wisdom” and try something different are gaining a better understanding of what works and, better still, why something works, rather than applying bandages to symptoms.  That’s not to say everything we try is a success out of the box, but we learn more with every trial.  And, that’s what is making the boot faster and better.

We’ll keep updating as we go along.  I will say that some of the things we’re learning will remain “secret” for DODGE racers … we don’t want to be too open and sharing with the rubber boot guys!

Back to work.


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