The DODGE Ski Boots team had a good day at Loveland.

Saw Team DODGE captain WARNER NICKERSON, who was training with his alma mater Colby College.  Warner was looking good.

With Peter Dodge, Chip Knight and the Dartmouth College team.  We have a couple of guys who are getting onto DODGE carbon fiber boots and we were helping them to get dialed in.

Got Chan Morgan, who coaches for the Ford-Sayre program to get onto the Dodge boots. It was interesting to hear Chan say he’d heard you had to be a brute like Warner to make the boots work.  But after his first run, Chan was talking about setting up a test for his young son!

NOTE TO COACHES:  We want you to try the DODGE boot for yourself so you can get first-hand knowledge of how it works and not rely on what we are finding to be a lot of mis-truths being spread around.  Give us an email, call or smoke signal so we can set you up.

Looking forward to be at Vail tomorrow.  If you want to get onto the boot, give us a shout so we can get a time set up.



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