We’re passionate about making sure our customers have the best possible skiing experience on their Dodge carbon fiber ski boots.  So much so that they’re not “customers” but “family”.  Yes, some people think we’re a little whacko with our customer service, but, hey,  what distinguishes Dodge Ski Boots from all the others is our obsession with making our “family” happy and, in turn, they become our best salespeople.

So, when we get a lettersmiley-face-thumbs-up-thank-you-LcKd8appi like this one below, it really makes our day.


I was finally able to test the adjustments you recommended for my boots today in Colorado and had a fantastic day on the slopes! The snow conditions were very variable and the boots performed flawlessly all day long. Not only was I able to take perfect edges at every turn,  but I also noticed all kinds of other improvements compared to my old boots – no more wobbly ski tips on straight lines, no more guessing whether to put more weight on my toes or my heels… it seems the boots do all the work for me. It is quite amazing !

Thank you so much for all your help. I’ll keep those little plastic squares in my pockets just in case, but doubt I’ll ever need them.

One of these days I’ll send you a picture.

Hope your season has been going well especially with the recent blizzard.


Thank Carole! We’re proud to have you in our #dodgebootsfamily.