IMG_0034Happy to have a returning DODGE Ski Boots customer visit the factory store today to pick up his second pair of DODGE carbon fiber ski boots.

Dr. Ross Jenkins, a neurosurgeon from New Hampshire, first got on DODGE Boots 3 years ago.  At the time, some people told him he was crazy because he’d only been skiing a couple of years and they thought the DODGE would be too much for him.

Wrong, grasshopper!

Ross told me today he loved his Dodge Boots and felt they helped him progress rapidly with his skiing.  As a surgeon dealing with some pretty high-tech medical equipment and procedures, Ross appreciates the advanced technology of the DODGE Boots.  And, when he read about our new-for-2014-15 boot, he decided a visit to Essex, VT was in order.

After a quick tour of the production facility, we began the fitting process.  For Ross, that meant putting on his ski socks and slipping into the new boot.  Pretty simple really.  Ross was impressed at the easy entry afforded by the new liner.

No hot spots, or areas that needed modification, so we tested for the correct forward lean.  In Ross’s case that meant adding a spoiler between the liner and the shell to give him a little forward lean so he was in proper fore/aft balance.  Doing that, Ross noticed that the proper forward lean also made the boot feel a little more flexible and that he didn’t feel the need to have the boots made as soft as his first pair had been originally set up by another boot fitter.

After softening the boot to the correct flex for Ross (in his case a 125 flex), we then proceeded to determine his body’s natural stance width so we could set up the proper lateral alignment.  When we put him back into the boots and had him stand in his natural stance width, we found he was on his outside edges.  Further testing had us end up with a slightly positive cant on his right boot.

After that, we settled up, took some photos and said our goodbyes.  Nothing was hurried or short-cutted.  Total elapsed time was slightly more than 1 hour.

Thank you Ross.  We’re glad to have you as a happy returning customer.