Okay, it’s been a few days.  Sorry.  Busy with kids home and going back to school (don’t it ever end?); making boots, and; trying to get a little skiing in.

Since I last wrote we’ve had a couple more unbiased people doing timed runs with the Dodge Ski Boot and, you guessed it, the Dodge Ski Boot wins again!

Sunday on the coin-op course, with only a warm-up from the top of the gondola to the top of the course, James bested his previous times by more than 4/10ths of a second.  That’s nearly 2% faster, which translates to about 10 finishing places higher in most races.  And, he said there was a lot more he could’ve gained if he’d had more than half a run warm up.

On to today.  The (infamous) Stowe Ski Bum series week #3.  Saw JP Seeley in the lodge and he said he’d like to try the Dodge Ski Boot.  This is literally 15 minutes before race time.  He stepped out of his plug boots and into the Dodge’s, went up, took an inspection run and raced.  Even with a major mistake, he was faster than he’s been in the previous 2 races.  To prove it was no fluke, he took a post-run (thank you Paul) and, with a really good looking run, was 2/10ths slower on his own rubber boots.  I had a hard time getting the boots back from JP.  But ask him about them next time you’re in Race Stock Sports.

So, the Dodge Ski Boot continues to be faster.

Who’s next.

More boots to build.  Later.


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