As most everyone knows, Northern Vermont got hammered with up to 30″ of snow Sunday night and Monday.  It made for some serious plowing around the DODGE Ski Boots workshop.  After spending 3 hours on the tractor Monday morning, I came inside pretty cold and fighting some bad chest congestion. Went to bed early, drank lots of water and thought I’d fight it off, all the while denying that I’d already been fighting off a cold for a week or so.

Didn’t help yesterday when I decided the best thing to do was to get outside in fresh air and went to the weekly Ski Bum race at Stowe.  I shouldn’t have.  Got halfway down and went a little straight in one turn and didn’t have the strength to confidently make the next gate, so I did the only smart thing all day and skied out. Came home, ate soup, drank water and slept.

Felt a little better today, so Dave & I worked in the shop setting up some boots for Dane Spencer and Warner Nickerson. Still not better but certainly no worse.  Hope I am strong enough to make a good contribution to my Ski Express team at tomorrow’s finals at the Bolton Valley Corporate League race.

Felt bad we didn’t make it to Stowe for the NCAA GS. Come on Cats!

Weather looks really lousy tomorrow.  Hope everyone is safe.

Sorry for it being short and off-topic today.

Burke Masters this weekend.



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