It’s well acknowledged your ski boots are the most important piece of your gear. Let’s face it, with a good boot, you can ski on sub-par skis.  But with sub-par boots, even the best skis won’t perform. 

And, without the right boots, no amount of lessons will really improve your skiing.  So the question for you is: are your boots taking care of you?

  • Do they fit snuggly without sharp pressure points?
  • Can you ski all day without having to buckle and unbuckle every run?
  • Do they effectively transmit your edge pressure to the ski?
  • Is your skiing improving and are you able to do the things you want to on skis?

If you answered “NO” to any of the above, maybe it’s time for you to consider some new Dodge Ski Boots.

Dodge Ski Boots are custom-fit carbon composite boots that can transform your skiing experience.

  • They’re over 30% lighter than traditional boots.
  • They provide unmatched lateral support, giving the most efficient lateral edge pressure so your ski does what you tell it to do.
  • The custom fit means you get great performance AND great comfort.

Our customers tell us their Dodge Ski Boots have improved their skiing and their skiing experience. 
Isn’t it time you get some boots that will take care of you?

Yours in skiing, 
– Dodge Boot Family