Made it back to Essex after waaaaay too long a drive on Friday.  You’d think after too many years of doing the drive, I’d know better than to drive across the Cape and Massachusetts on a Friday afternoon.  Only redeeming part was a 20 mile stretch in NH hooked up with a guy in an S4 avant and we both were making some serious time. Some work around the house and then Dave came over and we re-opened Moondawgs for a week-end debrief. Bonnie joined us with some snazzy hor d’oeurves and it was good to get caught up.

We’ve been getting emails and phone calls from racers wanting to try the DODGE carbon fiber ski boot in New Zealand. The word is out on the DODGE Ski Boot and even the top racers don’t want to be left staring at the back of the boot as it blasts past them.  (Though I will say, the back of the boot is very nice looking.) It should prove to be very, very interesting once we hit the slopes in NZ.

Tomorrow it’s back to making boot parts for the NZ boots after repairing some machinery. And, once some of our other components arrive later in the week (I hope), it’ll be assemble and pack everything up.

Stay cool.


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