Gee, it’s good to be back home.

After a scare in Chicago that I’d be stuck there last night (first one plane had a mechanical problem, forcing a plane and gate change; then the second plane had a mechanical and the delay threatened to make us too late to beat the BTV runway construction curfew,) I did make it back to Burlington at 11:30 PM.  After a little supper, in bed by 1 AM and up and at `em at 7:45 this morning.  Still not sure if I’m coming or going, but I figure the best way to re-acclimate is to force myself back onto Eastern time.

Dave came over and we debriefed, then went to work in the DODGE Ski Boots shop.  It’s good to be back there.

A lot of really good things came out of the trip to New Zealand and, I promise, I’ll share most of it with you.  But it’ll take me a couple of days to sort through so it makes sense.  Right now, I’m still a little cloudy.

But, one of the things I can share is a snippet of this email from Warner.

” Today I was able to train on some hard snow … I was pretty psyched.  The ruts really did not have any effect on my skiing and the hard snow was not an issue.  There is a ton of grip.  …  So I am really fired up about where the boot is right now.”

And, Warner lent his boots to a top GS skier who was dutifully impressed.

So, between Warner’s victory in the opening Australia New Zealand Cup Giant Slalom and the recent on-snow tests, it was a very good trip.

Dave came over and I’ve been in the shop all day.  It’s now 6:30 PM Friday but my body thinks it’s 10:30 AM Saturday, so I’m definitely messed up.  Some dinner and bed and I’ll be right as rain tomorrow.

Looking forward to seeing Peter Dodge tomorrow night at Moondawg’s for some story telling.

Go Team Dodge!


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