Last season my GS skis decided to punish me.

First day on them, when I went to skid a turn at the top of Stowe’s “Nosedive,”  the skis hooked up hard and ruptured my ACL.  Not fun.

Wednesday I decided to get back on the horse, so I did a quick base bevel on them and headed to the mountain.  The skis were still hooking up pretty hard but I figured it was more me than the skis.  After a half-dozen runs I was feeling less uncomfortable on them, but still pretty nervous about what they might do to me.

This morning I decided to put even more base bevel on the skis before heading to the mountain.  Everything looked good but imagine my surprise and embarrassment when I moved the tru-bar  to the tail of the skis and saw there was the slightest concavity in the last 15″ of the ski.  Not a lot, but still enough to make the skis rail and become “killers”.  Dummy me!

Fixed that and headed to the mountain.  World of difference and fun!

Had a great time arcing turns and getting more confidence in my leg strength and my knee’s ability to hold up.

Whoo hoo!

Don’t tell Dr. Mel Boynton, but I’m planning to return to the Stowe Ski Bum circuit and Bolton Corporate League this year.

Have a good weekend.


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