Life is funny sometimes.

33 years ago, I started out as a boot technician, when Gerard Rubaud hired me at RNC (Rossignol-Nordica).  I was calling on retail shops, but also doing a lot of work on race boots, especially as we were trying to make a boot work for racers that was supposed to replace the Grand Prix.

I had perpetually bloody hands from all the mold flashings and, frankly, lots of frustration as I couldn’t ever get the boots to perform as well as a pair of good ol’ Grand Prixes.

So now, many, many years later here I am again getting ready to go to a race and be a boot tech.

But, believe it or not I am really excited.


Well, first of all it’s a boot and company I have a vested interest in.

Next, (maybe it  should be first) it’s a boot I really, really believe in.

So, tomorrow, I will be heading to Stowe for the Sise Cup (Masters)  race.  Not to race, (no, I stepped off that train 30 years ago) but to support our Dodge Ski Boot racers.

So here’s to Dave, Mark, Brian and Duffy (Erik, will you be there?).  Ski fast and kick a**.  I’ll carry your parka but I won’t rub your feet.

Have fun.


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