Dave & I made it to the finish area of the Beaver Creek World Cup DH.  What a spectacle! One hour before the scheduled start, the crazies were blowing horns and drinking like fish.  Just like a Formula One race.

Saw a few faces early, but mostly soaking in the atmosphere.  We were both pretty relaxed as we didn’t have any racers on DODGE carbon fiber ski boots skiing in the downhill.

The start kept getting delayed from 11 AM to 11:30, to 1:30 to 2 PM and finally canceled due to high winds. That didn’t keep us from the schmooze though.

We caught up with Ski Racing Magazine writer Hank McKee.  Great to see him and chat for a few minutes.  We made plans to have him visit the DODGE Ski Boot shop when we’re all back East.

Lots of other familiar faces like Erica MacConnell, Ken Sowles, Jack Wallace, Vivien Schueler, Mike Noonan, Mary Ellen and Mark Ford, and so many others it’s tough to remember.

After all was canceled and the finish area was thinning out, we saw Chip LaCasse.  Next thing we know he’s introducing us to USSA’s Bill Marolt.  Wound up having a great conversation about the DODGE boot with Bill in the finish area, and then in line waiting for the shuttle bus and on the bus down to the village.  Thanks Chip!

Got down to the village, delivered some boots to a USST member headed to Canada, then met with a ski company, and finally back to Vail for dinner.


Doing it all again tomorrow.

In closing, I thought you might enjoy this photo of Dave.  Bonnie is now calling him “The Stig”.  (You fans of “Top Gear” will know what she means.

More later.


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