I’ve talked a bit recently about some of the timed-run tests we’re conducting for Dodge Ski Boots.  I gotta say, I’m really pleased with the quantitative results and also with the feedback/qualitative results.

Every test has shown the Dodge Ski Boot to be significantly faster than plug boots.  No exceptions and no fudging.  This is an obvious and demonstrable benefit for any racer.  Let’s face it … how much money is spent trying to gain a little speed, be it a new suit, special wax, coaching, newest skis, etc? And for what kind of gain,  a couple of hundreths?   If you are spending those tens of thousands of dollars on all those other things, what’s it worth to gain a second?

But what if you’re not a subscriber to the motto “Speed costs money.  How fast do you want to go?”

That leads into the discussion of qualitative results for the Dodge Ski Boot.  And, because unlike a race course where the clock doesn’t lie, qualitative tests are subjective and all about feel.  Much fuzzier.

Here is some of what we’re finding so far.  First and most obvious, the Dodge Ski Boot is dramatically lighter than a plug boot.  From carrying it, to putting it on, to walking to the lift, the general feeling is one of being more nimble and agile than with a plug boot.

Next, just putting the boot on is a different experience with the Dodge.  For people using a lace-up liner, when it’s cold, the Dodge is definitely easier to put on than a plug boot.  Dave & I have modified our liners to take advantage of the patent-pending Dodge heel track, so we leave our liners in the boots and simply slip the boots on.  No fuss, no muss.

We have to remind everyone who tries the boot to refrain from buckling the boot too tightly when they first put it on and for the first runs.  This is so counter-intuitive for so many high-performance skiers, but really important to best realize the benefits from the Dodge composite carbon fiber construction.  (See last week’s blogs for more explanation.)

So far we have light weight; easy to put on; nimble & agile feeling; comfortably buckled; and we haven’t even gotten off the lift!

What we’re feeling (and hearing) right from the git-go is the Dodge is a boot that is more sensitive to the snow.  A frequently used word is “Precise.”  What does this mean to the non-racer?  Well, for me personally, the boot has translated into a far more relaxed and comfortable skiing sensation, meaning I can ski with far more control and confidence with far less muscle tension and exertion.  Especially in those mixed conditions that go from ice to piles of snow to hard pack, etc.  Which means, at the end of each run I am relaxed and having fun.  And, at the end of the day, I am smiling!

In an upcoming installment, I’ll pass along more findings.

But for now, it’s time to make the boots!


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