Not able to get out of the shop to test boots on Thursday, but made it up to Stowe yesterday.  Forgot it was flat-lander vacation week, so there were quite a few people at the mountain.  That alone wasn’t too bad.

But, between the mechanical woes on the Quad, and wind shutting down the Gondola, then the Lookout Double, the only lift on Mansfield still operating was the Triple.  Sorry, but waiting in lift lines for that is too much.  We were only able to get 2 runs before we said the heck with it.

Fortunately, those 2 runs were really productive.

We tested a larger “snow-shield”  we put inside the boot under the tongue to help reduce snow and water infiltration.  It worked really well and we will further develop this for incorporating into current and future boots.

Also tested the new side bushings with greater degrees of adjustment to allow for cuff alignment and forward lean changes at the same time.

I had been using only a side to side cuff alignment of 1 degree on my right and 2 degrees on my left.  This was so much better than no alignment.  But, I was not able to use the bushings to change the forward lean and still maintain the side to side alignment.

Dave fabricated some 3 and 4 degree bushings, so I could keep the same 1 and 2 degree side to side adjustment, but also make the boot 1 degree more upright.  WOW! What a difference.  I could ski with a higher hip position, so I wasn’t skiing from “the back seat”.  Perfect.

And, it confirms the boot works as designed.

We’ll have more of these available for people needing them, so let me know if you’re a candidate.

See you Tuesday on Main Street.  (Suits?)


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