The last couple of days at Dodge Ski Boots have been busy and, I must say, while not as downright productive in making boots, it’s been a very enjoyable time.

Yesterday, we got together with Jim Chiasson for lunch and a tour of the shop.  Jim has known Dave for awhile and might qualify for charter membership in the Dodge Ski Boots Fan Club.  Thanks for the lunch and feedback Jim.

Also had a nice (albeit quick) drop in from Carl Ettlinger.  Carl is, perhaps, one of the world’s most renowned ski binding safety experts and the founder of Vermont Ski Safety based in Underhill, Vermont.  In fact, when we started Dodge Ski Boots, Carl’s shop in Underhill was an inspiration for us to set up our company in my barn!

A true legend in the skiing, Gerard Rubaud has been a friend (and mentor) for over 30 years.

Today was a very special day for me.  Dave & I spent a terrific  (and long) lunch with Gerard Rubaud.   Gerard ( as long-time readers will know) was the guy who saw something in me and gave me my first shot in the ski business even before I finished college.

I have always been grateful and, as I get older, I get more appreciative of just how special he was and is.

Anyway, Gerard is the author of what has become our mantra “Don’t be fashion” and “Make the best boot possible.”  Simple words, but oftentimes, the simplest words are the easiest to overlook.

After feasting on some nice Gerard’s flatbread with caramelized onions and cheese and some red cabbage and walnut salad, we got down to talking about ski boots.  I’m sure it’ll get me into trouble, but I think that, even though Gerard has been out of the the ski industry for many years, he has more knowledge and common sense in his stroke-ridden little finger than many leaders of the current industry.

In addition, you’ve gotta love a guy who asks for some carbon fiber to improve the performance of his support boots he wears as a result of his stroke!

Oh, by the way, if you haven’t appreciated Gerard’s bread, you might like to check out a nice blog at  Gerard had some nice things to say about the author and in addition to learning a lot about bread, you will learn even more about Gerard.

Dave is planning some additional timed-course testing this weekend, so you might keep an eye out for him.

Also keep an eye out for Duffy Dodge if you are down at Middlebury Snow Bowl this weekend for the Masters Series races.

Have a fun weekend and, for those headed back to school, study hard.


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