I promised yesterday I’d have some long-overdue updates about things going on at (or around) DODGE Ski Boots.

Any of you who follow Warner Nickerson’s blog have likely seen his new site and his updates from New Zealand.  He has been in Queenstown for about a week, training with Jon Olsson at Coronet Peak.  We did a new boot set-up for Warner that he likes pretty well.  We’ll do some fine-tuning next week. He’s able to get some pretty extreme angles as you can see.  Next challenge is to keep it going!

Bonnie & I ran into Pete and Caryn Davis at the hardware store yesterday, who recently returned from a nice vacation in Italy.  Pete had some pretty great things to say about the DODGE Ski Boot when he used it out at Mt. Hood earlier this summer.  See his Facebook comments on the DODGE fan page.

Dave & I received a nice present from Scott Houser’s dad (also Scott).  A new DODGE SKI BOOTS cap and visor!

As you can see, I’m wearing them with pride.  Thank you Scott.

Is there enough interest from everyone that we should consider having some made up?  What sort of pricing would be attractive?  (C’mon, “free” isn’t an option!)

We’re getting close to having our new DODGE heated-ball boot punch ready to ship to our authorized DODGE boot fitters.  Should be ready to go with the mid-September orders.  Sean Florian is working feverishly to get everything do to our specs.  Thanks Sean.

Reading on Facebook that Queenstown, New Zealand is in the midst of a 100-year storm and it’s snowing like crazy down in Q`town.  Perfect, as Dave & I are headed out on Tuesday.  According to the forecast, though, all should be over by the time we arrive on Thursday.

We’re busy trying to get everything pulled together before our trip.  I’ve been molding lots and lots of boot parts the past 2 weeks.  Dave has been cutting the parts on the laser and assembling boots.  The shop is looking pretty full.  We wanted to get as far ahead of our orders as possible so we can make our shipments to our boot fitters on a timely basis.

We’ve also been preparing the boots we’re taking to NZ.  Seems like a good number of racers from outside the U.S. are pretty anxious to get on the DODGE carbon fiber boot.  I’ve been getting plenty of emails and phone calls from racers and coaches.  So, we should be pretty busy down there.  And, it means we’re bringing a bunch of boots and tools with us!

I thought I was gonna have news of a big surprise for you, but it’s still pending and it’ll have to wait.  I will let you know as soon as I can.

But, for now, that’s about it.




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