It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good update on the blog, though  I’ve allowed myself to take the easy way, using Facebook and Twitter to post occasional blurbs.  Quite a bit has been happening at DODGE Ski Boots.

We’re getting ready for the coming season making lots of new boot parts.  Yesterday I molded quite a few parts, somehow withstanding the heat, (it was well over 90 in the shop standing over the press.)  But I wound up with a nice stack of parts.  These are lateral lefts and medial rights for the 26.5 boots.  Today I’ll be molding the medial lefts and lateral rights.  They get rough trimmed, then precision cut using our robot laser.  Then they’re assembled with the soles.

We are making some updates from last year’s boots.  Nothing drastic, as we’re pretty satisfied with the DODGE carbon fiber ski boot, but we’re always striving to make the best boot possible.  Here are photos of our new buckles and our new power strap.

The buckles are definitely more rugged and in response to requests for something that’ll stand up to the abuse of slalom gates.  We’ve tested these and like the results.

The power strap is one we’ve developed and are really proud of.  Gone is the Velcro fastener and in its place is a cam-lock buckle, giving a really powerful and secure cinching closure.  What’s different about our strap is we’ve engineered it so the buckle is around to the back of the boot and it won’t get caught on gates.   If someone wanted to fit it onto a non-DODGE boot it will work fine, but why not go all the way and have a real Dodge Boot?

We also have a new DODGE toque, (hat for you non-French Canadian fans).  Right now we’re just doing a few of them, but if enough of you want them, we’ll make up a bunch.  Should be less than $15. Let me know if you want one.

I just got word that DODGE Ski Boot racer Scott Houser has arrived in Government Camp (Mt. Hood) where he’ll be coaching for the summer.  Scott has a full size run of DODGE boots available for testing.  Contact me for details or to arrange a test.

The boot press is heated up, so I need to get back into the shop.  I’ll try to be better about the updating.

Enjoy the good weather.



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