Hope your January was full of long, challenging, fun runs.   This chairlift chat is all about spectacular skiing and good times.

It’s with Bill Doble, John Doble, and Christian Monti, the first Italian Dodge Ski Boots customer.  Christian bought his first pair of Dodge Ski Boots in 2011 and has been a huge advocate for our boots ever since.   This is Bill’s first pleasure ski trip in his life and John’s first trip to Europe.  You can immediately see their stoke, excitement, and joy to be skiing the famous Sellaronda, a circular 26 km ski route round the mighty Sella Massif in the beautiful Dolomites.

Christian Monti explains the options for lunch and snacks during an average day skiing in the Dolomites as the trio is deciding where to eat lunch and what authentic Italian or Sud Tirol meal to indulge.

This chat is all about stoke and smiles on the slopes.   Hope you’re finding just as much joy in your skiing!  If you need more stoke in your skiing. we can build you a new pair of custom fit boots that will immediately change your skiing and happiness on the slopes!