Today’s chairlift chat with Jon Olsson is all about life transitions.  Jon is unbelievably successful at making large life transitions seamless.  He went from a young up and coming ski racer to professional freeskier winning 9 X-Games medals in Big Air, Half-pipe, and Slope Style then transitioned to become one of the best giant slalom skiers in Sweden where he consistently raced Europa Cup and some World Cups.  Then his most recent transition is to daily vlogging on YouTube where he is a huge sensation with over one million subscribers.

The chat was filmed in Jon’s 800 horsepower Rolls Royce, George, driving from Bergen, Norway to Storefjell, Norway during Snow Tour Rally.

Jon explains that his transitions are usually not strategic, but mostly about changing priorities and his ability to focus on whatever he’s really excited about.  Jon also touches on the importance of being insecure about the future, always having multiple doors open, and working hard.

Hope you watch and enjoy.