Welcome to “Chairlift Chats” You never know who you might catch on a lift ride or what you might talk about.  And of course, hope it’s snowing where you live too and you can get in some hot-laps in today!

This week’s chat with Tyler Wilkinson-Ray is all about passion and filmmaking.  In December, Tyler’s film “2.5 Million” won Powder Magazine’s Best Documentary of the year award.

Tyler talks about making “2.5 Million” chasing Aaron Rice around the world – when Tyler wasn’t working on other projects – to capture Aaron’s journey of breaking the world record for most human-powered feet skied in a calendar year.

As Tyler explains, “There are only a handful of interesting, authentic stories and events that happen in skiing every year.”   Aaron Rice’s journey undoubted falls into that category.

We also discussed how Tyler balances passion projects and commercial work to keep his creative energy and spirit alive.  We put in one of the videos Tyler made for us a few years ago!