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In this chairlift chat, we discuss the process and how Dodge boots are vastly different from any other ski boot in the world.  Essentially, it’s about all the different hurdles we had to overcome to make a boot that makes you a better skier.

In this chat, we discuss finding and testing material, creating a revolutionary turnkey process to mold a material, finding the right lasers and robots to cut the boots uniformly on each pair, and building new bolts and fasteners because what we needed didn’t exist.  It’s been one heck of a ride and really worth watching to understand how it works.

Watch this video to hear the two founders explain just how different your Dodge boots really are.

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-Dodge ski boots Team

P.S. The process of designing this boot was the most fun thing we’ve ever done!  We are overjoyed that you’re on them or interested in them.