Welcome back to Chairlift Chats!

Revolutionizing ski boots is not easy.  As many of you’ve seen there are many new, niche ski manufacturers – and some really great ones – that have popped up over the last decade or two, but very few ski boot manufacturers.

This Chairlift Chat is a chance for you to get to know why we are uniquely qualified to make your boots.

Dave Dodge is the engineering guru.  He’s designed skis, boots, tennis rackets, and many other things for Rossignol, Lange, K2, Line, and some others.  He was the Head of Research and Development at Burton for 10 years with over 100 patents with his name on them before starting Dodge Ski Boots.  Think brilliant engineer that loves skiing and only wants to make you a better skier.

Bill Doble is the Eagle Scout, MBA Grad, and boot fitter with many years of experience at Nordica and Rossignol along with a couple consumer product companies.  Think the fiddler that will do anything to make your boots fit just right.

Both Dave and Bill´s passion for skiing and friendship came early when they were racing against each other as junior racers.  Their love of skiing is part of the foundation of Dodge Ski Boots.

The bottom line is, we will make you a better skier.  Guaranteed.

Check out this video to learn why they are uniquely suited to make your boots!

Have a great weekend and Happy Holidays!!

– The Dodge Boot Family

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