First things first.  Mickey and Ginny must be bursting with pride at the way their kids and grandkids (and the entire community) are pitching in to make the 2nd Annual Cochran’s TGFS USSA Slalom a reality today. Yesterday was a monsoon and, while the hill looked good from the interstate, the T-bar line was bare.  TL told me a big group of guys was there hand shoveling snow onto the rope tow line but the hill was good. (He also let it slip that Jimmy built a pro-style jump!)  I later spoke to Tim Kelley (Lindy’s son) who confirmed they shoveled and got it ready.  He said they ran drills as deep as they’d go and didn’t hit bottom.  As the name says, “Thank God For Snowmaking”.  And “Thank You” to all you people who worked so hard to even make it possible for today.  See you there.

Prepped a bunch of Dodge Ski Boots yesterday.  We have a number of pairs purchased by big manufacturers/marketers for testing in anticipation of possibly having us build their race boots or licensing our technology.  Dave & I finished up about 11 pairs, for orders and also for the demos we’ll be taking to Cochran’s and out West next week.  When we were all done, I think we had 3 pair not spoken for.  If anyone is thinking of getting a boot for the summer camps, they’d better let me know now, `cause when they’re gone, that’s it for awhile `til we retool.

Speaking of demos, we’ll have some of the boots out there today.  Look for them (and us.)  We like to talk.

Saturday we head out West to meet with possible bootfitters for next season.  Looking forward to seeing Jim Schaffner at Starthaus in Truckee.  It’s been many, many moons since he worked on boots for me when he started with Salomon.  I’ve gotta ask him, but, I think even before that, I might’ve done some skis for him when I was with Rossignol.  Then it’s off to Park City and then to Vail and home.  I’ll be chirping from the road.

I’ve gotta run and get these boots ready to ship to Europe, but I’ll try to update during the day.



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