Dave & I fired up the motor on the Audi allroad two weeks ago today and headed West on our 2nd Colorado 5000.  So far, it’s been a good smooth trip.

Other than an occasional check engine light (under-performing O2 sensor, no biggie), the car has been great and certainly far more comfortable and enjoyable than flying and using a rental wreck.

We’ve been able to test components for the DODGE carbon fiber ski boot and are pleased with results.

We’re really delighted to be getting regular re-orders from Harb Ski Systems as they are moving loads of DODGE boots.  Thanks Harald, Chris, Diana and Greg.

J2 racer Ty Sprock has shown some good skiing in his first NorAm races.  (It’s always a pleasure to see Ty and his folks.)

Our accommodations in Vail are super and so much appreciation goes out to Jim Reid for letting set up shop in his house.

We’re seeing some good interest from a couple of boot fitters in Aspen and Vail and expect to be able to report on them soon.

Racers and coaches who aren’t afraid of change are really showing good interest in the DODGE boot and lining up for tests.  We’re pleased with the increasing number of coaches who are seeking to get their own first-hand experience with the boot rather than relying on hearsay.

It’s been frustrating to see Warner Nickerson struggle with a bum back.  We hope he can get healthy enough for Sunday’s GS to have another strong showing.  And, we hope Charles Christianson can also get his back healthy so he can be at 100%.

Looking forward to dinner tonight with Duffy Dodge and Harold Wescott in Frisco.  Should be a hoot!

And, Dave is looking forward to seeing Cece tonight as she flies in from Des Moines.

More updates later, but for now I have some boots to ready for Charles and for Dave Goode.




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