You know, I’ve been pretty prolific in my my congratulations to all the terrific racers who have chosen to ski on DODGE Ski Boots.  And I sincerely mean every bit of those words.  These guys (come on gals, we need you to get on the boot) work hard and have earned my greatest respect and appreciation.

But, there’s one guy who I haven’t properly acknowledged.

David J. Dodge.

Dave is the brainchild behind the DODGE carbon fiber ski boot.  He’s my business partner.  But most of all he’s my friend. And he has been for nearly 40 years.  When Dave suggested to me just two years ago that we make a carbon fiber ski boot, I didn’t hesitate.  I just said “Let’s do it.” That’s how much I trust this guy.

We built the first prototypes in Dave’s basement, with the first pair skied at Cochran’s Thank God for Snowmaking race March 2009 by, you guessed it, Warner Nickerson.

We built the first production boots just over a year ago.  And the first time the boots were raced (by someone other than me or Dave) was in mid-March of last year at the Nor-Am Super G at Burke Mountain.  Two days later, Warner Nickerson achieved an incredible 2nd place finish in the final Nor-Am GS at Waterville Valley NH.

Think about that for a second. From conception to podium in a short fifteen months! And that was less than 10 months ago.

Since that first podium, DODGE carbon fiber ski boots have been on the podium of 6 Continental Cup races (3 Nor-Ams and 3 Australia-New Zealand Cups), 2 National Championship races, and hold a Continental Cup title (2010 ANC GS). WOW!

So, my congratulations and thanks to all our DODGE Ski Boot racers.

But, most of all, my congratulations (and thanks) to my friend and business partner, Dave Dodge.


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