At $1,295 some people think a Dodge carbon fiber ski boot is too expensive.

After all, Lange, Head, Nordica or other boots are advertised for $800 or so. BUT, how much do those boots really cost? Reading a recent forum about a skier’s experience getting a pair of Langes shows the Dodge Boot is actually quite a bargain!

Seems this skier has, so far, made 3 trips to the bootfitter for his new Langes, with each roundtrip taking at least three hours. If you value your time at $50/hour, his travel time of 9+ hours totals $450; Add in gas totalling least $50 and he’s spent $500 just in travel to the bootfitter.

Once there he’s spent at least 6 hours at the bootfitter. Add in another $300 of his time and he’s up to $800 spent on travel and time.

Now, look at what he’s spent on the boots:
$892: MSRP, plus tax, for Lange ZB boots
$39: Hottronic heating elements
$200: Canting and sole planing work.
$1,131 Total purchase

So, with his time and travel added in those $800 boots have cost him $1,931.  (Note: For comparison purposes, we did not include the cost of his new footbeds.)

Now, let’s look at the real cost of a Dodge Ski Boot.

Using the industry-exclusive Dodge 3D Fitting App, our skier above could have had the initial fitting done without leaving his house (or even getting out of his pajamas.)  Time required:  15 minutes

After receiving his Fitting Assessment from Dodge, our skier places his online order, knowing only Dodge offers a money-back Satisfaction Guarantee if he isn’t fully happy with his boots.

Dodge custom fits his boots, using the 3D image of the foot to determine the exact shell length and width; the best liner length and volume; where to punch or pad; and what flex is just right for our skier.  Per the skier’s request, Dodge installs Hottronic heating elements ($48 MSRP)

The boots are sent to our skier with Free Shipping included in the $1,295 purchase price.  Included are instructions so the skier can fine-tune stance, including forward lean and lateral alignment using the Dodge-supplied cuff bushings and spoilers.

Total spent on Dodge carbon fiber ski boot:  $1,343 (with Hottronic heating elements).

Our friend, by choosing a Dodge Boot would have saved $600 over his Langes.

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