We molded some cuffs for the 245 size DODGE Ski Boots using the new molds and the new cuff material and WOW! do they look great!

The new molds worked like a charm.  They’re made of a new material which allows us to have more sharply defined lines.  And, we made some modifications to the press so it’s easier to operate the process.  I’m looking forward to a large run of parts to see how it all shakes out, but based on the test run, it’s looking super.

We tested the new cuff material and that’s terrific as well.  We decided to go with the silver material and it molds really nicely and trims very cleanly.

Dave has the new “employee”, Motoman3, partially hooked up at least so he could test cut some parts and that is a far, far better operation than the old robot.  I’ll be glad to have everything fully operational so we can get into the full swing of production.

Waiting on some new injection molded parts to come in which will be a big improvement over earlier pieces.  (Crossed fingers … any day now).

Our new inventory of carbon fiber is on the way.  Yeah, I’m getting excited!

On top of that, Dave & I spent a good amount of time admiring our new race liner/innerboot and had an “Aha” moment when we discovered our liner is 25% lighter in weight than seemingly identical liners from two of the major boot marketers. Yeah, baby!

Off to Maine this afternoon to visit with Ellen and her boyfriend Larry.  A gorgeous day for a drive on one of Northern New England’s high-speed, multi-lane, West-East highways (yeah, right).

Have a safe holiday weekend.


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