It’s August so it must be Winter, right?

Dave & I made the trek to New Zealand for the start of the 2011-12 race season.  We’re in Queenstown, on the south island, and skiing/testing at Coronet Peak, where many of the teams train and the Australia-New Zealand GS races are held.

What a difference a year makes.  Last year when I came down, nobody knew what a DODGE boot was.  That is until Warner Nickerson ski to victory in not one but two ANC races on his DODGE Boots.

Then everyone started to pay a little more attention.

This year we actually have a waiting list of people wanting to test the boots.  And it’s going great.

First, we’re able to work with current DODGE Ski Boot racers Ryanne Daley, Ty Sprock, Kenny Wilson and Warner Nickerson.  We’ve been tweaking set-ups, trying new boots and getting them set for the coming season.  I’m liking what we’re seeing.

Next, we’re getting some great tests from other racers interested in the boot.  Today, Canadian (and ex-Dartmouth College) racer Pat Biggs skied to a nice 32nd place finish in the ANC GS on DODGE Boots.  This is a big deal when you consider Pat is a SL skier and only skied in 3 GSs in the last year.  We’re hoping he decides to come over to the carbon side.

We’re also really excited about some of the racers from non-U.S. teams that are interested in how DODGE Ski Boots might help them advance.  Too early to say anything, but I am hopeful I’ll be able to report something in the next few weeks.

Staying in Queenstown is terrific, though it is incredibly expensive. Just when you think you’ve seen everything, you see this parked on the street!  A little while later it was chugging all around town, at a pretty good clip too.

Stay tuned.


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