It’s pretty incredible to think it’s only been just over a year since the DODGE boot debuted in high-level competition (NorAm and U.S. Nationals).  In that short time, we have seen really remarkable results for skiers using the boot.  An examination of results, points and world rankings for racers using the DODGE boot at the Nor-Am level and higher reveals switching to the DODGE boot improved racers’ rankings more than 45% over their ranking on traditional boots!  In addition, one racer who improved his points and rankings by 32% by switching to DODGE and who then was forced by his ski supplier to change off Dodge boots saw his post-DODGE points worsen by 30% and saw his DNF/DSQs increase dramatically!
The results speak volumes.  DODGE Boots are faster. PERIOD!
  1. Come on Bill, those are facts and numbers, you are confusing the public, where are the Lange girls with the skimpy bathing suits, that’s what sells in skiing.

    I have a Dodge boot on my foot. And love it!

    Come and see us for facts and “figures” about Dodge boots at Harb Ski Systems, (not in bikinis) but in real ski boots, the “Dodge” revolution is on.


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