Got some great feedback from one of the WC/EC/NA skiers using Dodge Ski Boots.  After testing (during the season, between races no less) he’s using them full-time and feels ready to kick butt in the upcoming races at Whiteface, Burke and Waterville Valley.  He’s feeling really good about the boots in Super G, saying he thinks he’ll be able to ski a lot straighter and still hold his turn.  Talk about G-forces!

He’s also reporting the Dodge Ski Boot is working really well on softer, grippy snow because he can get even more angulation than his “slug” boots and, where everyone else is booting out, he’s cranking turns.  Should be fun to watch in the next couple of weeks.

Another pair of Dodge Boots found a fresh pair of feet this week.  They immediately got ready for a little vacation to Colorado!  Have fun Fred.

The updated snow shield is working well.  Boots are staying dry and it doesn’t interfere with the inside fit.

We molded some cuffs using a new composite material yesterday.  It looks really space-aged and I can hardly wait to fit the new cuffs up to my boots for testing.

Ski fast and take chances.


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