We did our first tests of our new DODGE Ski Boots boot dynamometer today and WOW, we’re excited!

DODGE Ski Boots’ new boot dyno is specially designed to measure the dynamic forces generated into the snow.

For years, ski boot alignment has too often been as much guesswork as science.

We’ve all stood on fitting stands and undergone plumb bobs, T-squares, blinking lights and more.   Most times we accept the boot fitter’s “expert” diagnosis and don’t think anymore about it.

While oftentimes it seems to be an improvement, there are so many variables that it’s difficult to hone in on what really matters. And, how many of us have tried to improve on the boot fitters’ suggestions?

So, like the same technology that has been used in traditional ski boots for over 40 years, ski boot alignment has stayed pretty static (pun intended) over the same period.  Immediate apologies to those few boot fitters who actually ski with their customers to see what is happening on the snow.  They’re looking for and seeing the dynamic change, not just static set-up.  But not many boot alignments take into consideration the dynamic effects.

And, skiing is a dynamic activity.

DODGE Ski Boots’ new boot dyno is specially designed to measure the dynamic forces generated into the snow created by the boot, the ski and the binding.  We’re able to measure static positions and dynamic changes to determine optimal sole canting, cuff alignment, forward lean and knee tracking. Then, we can make the adjustments necessary to ensure a good static position AND a proper dynamic range so edge pressures are consistent and predictable.

In addition, our dyno takes into account the ramp angles of the users’ skis and bindings. This allows us to adjust binding angles to provide proper ramp angles for each pair of skis.

Of course, nothing is a substitute for what the feel is on the snow.  But with our new ski boot dyno we can be really close on the set up and just fine tune when we get on the hill.

We’ll update you more on this as the season progresses.  But, if you’re interested in scheduling a ski boot dyno session, give us a call or email.


  1. I want to make a very important addendum to my earlier posting about boot alignment

    Please don’t interpret my comments as disparaging against all boot fitters who use tools such as T-squares. Quite the contrary, as we use such tools ourselves. And, Harald Harb, who is the best boot alignment guy I know (and the one who aligned my personal boots) uses such tools as one part of his assessment kit.

    But, Harald, and the other guys who really do it right, go way beyond static measurements alone. They carefully assess what happens dynamically. Oftentimes that means skiing with the customer to see what happens on snow. In fact, Harald, Diana & Chris at Harb Ski Systems ski with over 85% of their alignment customers to ensure the alignment is perfect. That goes way beyond what can be done using only static measurements.

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