DODGE Ski Boots team. (left to right) Duffy Dodge, Terry Sheahan, Bill Doble, Peter Dodge, Dave Dodge

What a great day!

We had a Board meeting for DODGE Ski Boots today with all but one of our members and I’ve gotta say it was great.  I write all the time about Dave & myself, but there are some other people who are every bit as important to the success of  DODGE carbon fiber ski boots.

While Dave & I might be the ones who are designing, building and selling the boots, we have an incredibly strong and supportive team of people who believe in us and in the future of the DODGE carbon fiber ski boot.  It takes a lot of financial, emotional  and intellectual support to tackle a new technology like changing the way ski boots are made.  There is no way Dave & I could ever do it by ourselves.  (As much as we think we’re pretty hot sh*t, we have learned over the years we can be even better if we surround ourselves with, and listen to, a great team.)

Our team has some of the best.  Duffy Dodge brings 83+ years of life experience, smarts and no-B.S. approach to our team.  Beside the fact that he’s Dave’s dad, he’s a sharp businessman, ski racer and “conscience”.  Terry Sheahan is a college roommate and friend, one of my wedding groomsmen and a guy I trust implicitly.  He’s a successful businessman, great person and someone who can call me an as*hole and I’ll agree.  Peter Dodge is someone I’m proud to call my friend since we were 12 or 13 years old.  His skiing credentials are beyond reproach and his counsel is terrific. Not pictured, but without question important to our team is Joe Segura, who has worked with Dave since the mid-`70s at Rossignol and then at Burton.

After some good company planning and reviews, and a fabulous lunch prepared by Bonnie, we took a few moments to capture the moment for posterity, showing off the DODGE carbon fiber ski boots in front of the “factory” on a lovely Vermont summer day.

Tomorrow is back at it to get everything ready for New Zealand and then Chile.

10 more days and I’m off to NZ.


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