Had a great visit early this morning from Chad Hedlund.  Chad, who used to ski for Killington and now skis for Sierra Nevada College, was one of the first racers to ever ski on the DODGE carbon fiber boot.  Chad was back East for Christmas and with family in the Boston area and made the trip up this morning to purchase his new DODGE boots.  At 6:40 AM my phone rang, with Chad announcing he was in the driveway.

We poured fresh cups of coffee and went to work fitting Chad’s new boots.  Pretty easy fit, and after getting everything all tuned for him, Chad was back on the road by 8:30 AM, with a nice egg sandwich courtesy of Bonnie.  Plenty of time to make it back to Boston for lunch with his aunt.

If you’re in the Tahoe area, look up Chad and ask him about his boots.

After another cup of coffee, it was back in the shop to mold new parts for more 245s. John, who’s home for a few days, was great to come out to the shop to help, cutting materials for us.  Nice to work with him and certainly a big time savings.

Shut down everything at 1 PM and had nice Moondawg’s lunch/Dodge Ski Boots corporate Christmas Party.  Best fun was the gift from Ellen and John.  They made up some “special” Moondawg’s beer.  Tasted really good and a nice way to end the week. Thanks kids.

This has been quite a year.  I mentioned in an earlier post that it’s been barely a year since we made our first production boots and still less than a year since our first race.  Now we’re selling every boot we can make and enjoying some nice race successes.

But the best things for me are working with a guy I like and trust; making something that makes a difference; and the really good people I am able to work with. Thanks to all you racers for believing in what Dave & I are doing.  Special thanks to Duffy, Terry & Joe for supporting our mission.  And very, very special thanks to Bonnie, Ellen & John.

May your Christmas be joyous.


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