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Dave & I went to Sugarbush (North/Glen Ellen) today for the FIS GS to support our “Dodge Boys”.   As we were driving into Waitsfield, I told Dave it was like deja vu all over again.  You see,  in the very same week in 1972, he and I were at Glen Ellen for the Junior Nationals.  So, pulling into town was kinda funny and strange.  Crazy days.  But, I’ll save that for another post.


Warner Nickerson is skiing so well.  It is really visible and fun to see how he is absolutely popping his GS turns. He has found his muse on his Dodge Ski Boots.  He is driving deeper into the turns and exiting higher than everyone else.  End result is speed.

Dodge Ski Boot principal Dave Dodge studies his racers.

Dodge Ski Boot principal Dave Dodge studies his racers.

We did a little touch up on Warner’s boots.  The “King Kong” flex boot we built for him this week (at his request) was a little more than he could handle (hahaha, just kidding Warner) so he trimmed it down a little to a little softer flex but still more than the stock flex.  We cleaned up the cuts and checked everything to make sure it was good, and it was.  He’s happy, and we are too.

Warner Nickerson likes winning on Dodge Ski Boots!

Warner Nickerson likes winning on Dodge Ski Boots!

Warner killed it again, winning by over a second and getting his 2nd sub-10 point race this week.  You go!

Dane Spencer after 1st run at Sugarbush FIS

Dane Spencer after 1st run at Sugarbush FIS

We were also really happy to see Dane Spencer finding how to make the Dodge Ski Boot work to his advantage. Dane is a great guy and I really like to work with him.  More than that, I like to sit and talk with him.  Dane had a good 1st run (second only to Warner) and, even with some pretty spectacular explosions out of a couple of turns on the flats, was only 2/100ths out of 2nd overall!  Way to go Dane.  I thought he was trying to compete with freestyle legend Jon Olsson for the big air he was getting. (Hey Dane, we’ve got the trick tweaks for your boots and will see you at Lake Placid.)

One other pair of  Dodge Ski Boots made it into the Top 10 on the virtue of a killer 2nd run.  Hemsk!!

We had one racer whose entry didn’t make it in time try the boot and we had some very good feedback.  Maybe we’ll see some of the Dodge Ski Boots at DU or in Norway next year.

Tomorrow is a curling day.  Long-time readers know of my curling passion, and I am working on the ice-prep crew for a charity event benefiting The Howard Center at Cairns Arena in South Burlington. But Sunday is a trip across Lake Champlain to Whiteface for the USSA Nationals Slalom.  (Don’t worry “Dreamin’ the Life Team, Bonnie said she’d make cookies.)

Dave is at Burke tomorrow for the Sise Cup Finals.  Go Duffy.  Claim Class 12 for your own!

Ski fast and take lots of chances!


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