One of the things we’re finding interesting when we conduct the boot tests is how the difference in fit from a Dodge Ski Boot to a rubber plug boot affects perception.

As we’ve discussed before, most people really crank their buckles tightly on their plug boots to force their foot into becoming part of the rubber boots’ stiffening system.  So, their foot is compressed along with their liner, and the feeling of being in a vise is what is “normal.”

When they take those same liners (and foot) and immediately jump into a Dodge boot, their foot and liners haven’t “re-inflated” from being crushed and so the Dodge feels too loose.  (As we’ve talked about earlier, the Dodge is designed to allow the foot to actually move as part of the body’s suspension and balance system and doesn’t need to crush your foot or liner to work.  So, indeed, the boot is looser than the plug boot if you go from plug boot to Dodge.)

We find the fairest test, especially if moving liners from one boot to another, is to start on the Dodge, take your timed runs, then transfer to the plug boots for comparative timed runs.  This way, you’re not waiting for your nerve receptors or liner to recover from being crushed.

And, by the way, everyone who has done this has wanted to get back on the Dodge Ski Boot right away!

Good skiing.


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