We’ve had some testing feedback on the boot from top level racers.  The reaction to the Dodge carbon Ski Boot has been good and encouraging.  We’re already incorporating some of the feedback into boots being made for summer camps, so they’ll be more representative of next year’s boots.

But what’s interesting are the bigger performance improvements that are totally in the hands of the skier.  I’m talking about buckle tension and changing your line.

We can’t emphasize enough about the importance of letting the foot move and letting it do its job as the body’s suspension system.  Overly-tight buckling or even overly-tight fitting with foam liners restricts the foot from absorbing shocks.  The result?  Bounce, shock and a feeling like the boot is too aggressive.  Here’s a simple guide:  If you have to unbuckle the boot on the lift, it’s too tight. (NOTE:  Some racers wanting a stiffer fore/aft flex are getting this by over-buckling, but we are changing the shell stiffness in future boots so that won’t be an issue.)

The other big performance factor the skier controls is their line.  Simply put, the DODGE Ski Boot will let you ski a straighter line and dive deeper into the turn before you put the ski on edge.  If you ski your old line, the boot will hook up too soon and then you’ll have to skid the beginning of  the turn.  And, the DODGE carbon ski boot doesn’t like to skid.  So, ski straighter, dive deeper and hammer the turn.  The boot will take it.  Can you?

Time to do some work in the shop.

Get loose and adjust your line.


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