Good boot day yesterday.  As you might recall, I’ve been skiing all season on a pair of boots we softened by cutting down the back of the lower shell.  The method is perfect for softening the flex, as it softens it without creating a shin-bang effect.

Softening the boot was part of my continuing role of guinea pig, trying things to gather data for how things work in practice versus theory.

But, as I’ve skied more this year and gotten stronger, I suspected I needed to use a stiffer boot.  So I assembled another pair of “spare parts” boots, using my “old” cuffs on some cobbled-together lowers.

Skied a couple of runs before Tuesday’s world cup at Stowe, felt good and decided to race on them.  Definitely was the way to go, even for this old fat boy.  The end feeling wasn’t so much that they were stiffer, but that I could pressure the ski more effectively rather than relying on ankle pressure with the softer boots.  And they were faster.

So, it just re-affirms what we’ve been about the Dodge Ski Boot stiffness:  Yes, it will feel stiffer indoors, but you must ski it before even considering doing any flex modifications.

JP is skiing on the boot now and was fastest on his course, for what I think was the first time this year.  Is it the boot?

Had Nelson ski a few runs on the boot after the race over on Hayride and Northslope.  He seemed to like it.  How much is it worth to the bums if we DON’T let him ski on it?

Making more boot parts today.  NorAms and Nationals next week.

Keep breathing.


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