Banging on the door this morning as JP Seeley was here bright and early to borrow our HotHedz boot press for use with a customer purchasing some new DODGE carbon fiber ski boots today.  Got him taken care of and rushed off to Burlington for my weekly “meeting” at Gutterson.

After a great morning skate at UVM (good to play hockey with Johnny Davidson and David Donaldson … those Toronto boys can skate as well as ski,) came back to the shop.

We’re busting our chops trying to make enough boots for November re-orders and our Colorado trip.  So it’s kinda stressful.  Anyhow, I got back to the shop where Dave was already hard at work.  He’s been doing a great job prepping all the components and assembling them into boots while I’ve been a molding mad man.

The boots are looking good.  We have a new molding release material which gives us a very shiny finish. (Sorry Gerard … we’re dancing on the edge of fashion!)  All the 235s, 245s and 255s are molded, cut and assembled.  Tomorrow is final assembly of lowers to uppers!

Meanwhile, I’m almost done with all the molding.  The 275s are all molded and all the 265 parts except the lateral upper rights, which will be done tomorrow.  Then, we cut them on the robot laser and assemble them early next week.

Tomorrow I’ll finish the molding, Dave will work on assembly and hopefully all will be ready for Warner’s visit on Sunday to get some new test boots for Colorado.

We’re expecting some college skiers to come by next week to buy some boots before they head out west.  Then it’s the last push before the Colorado 5000 road trip.

Still reading some terrific things from Geoff in Colorado with his new DODGE boots.  Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.  Also have to thank Aldo Radamus for steering us to Kara Lazier and the Tivoli Lodge for our stay in Vail.  Looking forward to that.

Okay, Bonnie’s telling me I have to quit for the night.

More this weekend.


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