Okay, the fair is over, which means the leaves will be turning and snow will be falling pretty soon. It’s a well known fact the last day of the Champlain Valley Fair is the last day of summer.  To prove it, I even wore long pants today!

We’re busy at DODGE Ski Boots making boots for the September camps and gearing up for boots to be shipped to our Authorized Boot Fitters for early October. The Labor Day sales at Race Stock Sports in Waterbury and Starthaus in Truckee were terrific.  Seems like winter can’t come fast enough for a lot of us.

Dave & I had a special visit today from Harald Harb, one of our boot fitters from Dumont, CO.  Harald & I go waaaaay back to Stratton days, when I was a punk junior and he was fresh off the Canadian team.  We’re really delighted to be working together on making the DODGE carbon fiber ski boot into the new standard of ski boots.  We spent a couple of hours talking through the new boots, discussing set-ups, and agreeing to spend a lot of on-snow time together in November at Loveland.

We also finished building new boots for one of our originals … Dane Spencer.  Dane is one of the finest people you’ll meet and has provided tremendous feedback and input to me and Dave in these early stages of DODGE Ski Boots.  He’s on his way to New Zealand and looking forward to skiing on the new boots.  Got the boots  finished and to FedEx this afternoon.

Another busy day tomorrow, with a racer en route to Chile coming by for his boots.


Also getting word of some racers from Europe who are planning to fly into Burlington so they can be fitted up with DODGE Ski Boots in time to get some training before Soelden.  Gonna be fun, ain’t it?

It’s already been too long a day. So `til tomorrow (or whenever).

Stay stiff.


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