Ellen chastised me thoroughly yesterday that I haven’t been good enough about updates, then whapped me with the ultimate “You’re as bad as Warner!” statement.  Now, no disrespect to Warner, but there’s no way I’m gonna be as much of a blog-slacker as he is.

So, what’s been happening over the last 8 days?

Busy with visits to the shop and boot-fittings, including Kim Hartsen last Saturday, Scott Houser last Sunday and Rob Dwyer yesterday.  We take a lot of time to do these so each skier will have the best fit and set-up possible.  It’s very gratifying to have a happy customer, but it does take away from making boots.

Which we did part of Sunday, all Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and part of Friday.  I finished up molding all the parts we need and Dave trimmed all but the last of the 275s and glued all the lowers.  We have the lowers all assembled and most of the uppers.  So, it’s looking pretty full on the benches.

In and around all this, we did manage to sneak in a few skiing runs.  Monday, after the holiday crowds left, we got about 4 or 5 runs in on Mansfield.  Man, did it feel good to get out there. It certainly cleared my head.  And, it gave me a chance to keep fiddling with my own boot fit.

Tuesday was the weekly Ski Bum race.  I made a couple of bad turns that scrubbed off speed and finished well back of my handicap. Apologies to the team I subbed for that I didn’t help their efforts.

Thursday night was the Bolton Corporate League race and, while I was told I finished well, I nailed my hand on the base of a gate, spun myself halfway around, and when I got to the bottom, my hand was so sore it was all I could do to change and drive home.  Kept it in an icebag all night and, while it was wicked sore in the morning, I worked through it and it was tolerable by the end of the day.  Guess I’m too old for that garbage, huh?

Trying to decide whether to go up to the mountain today and brave the cold or just stay here and do some needed work.  I’ve gotta get the ladder out and move around some insulation over the shop, as we discovered some are air leaks letting the valuable heat out.

And, I’m writing many, many emails to Hinterstoder AUSTRIA to try to find rooms in a couple of weeks when we go to see the World Cup before the ISPO show in Munich.

An afternoon nap isn’t sounding bad either!




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