Followers of my ramblings know Dave & I have been busy over the last few weeks trying to replenish the stock of DODGE carbon fiber ski boots to fill orders from racers who have seen the light. It’s taken a little longer than I like, simply because we’ve had other “distractions”.  That’s not to say they’re bad, just things that keep us from making boots.

Things like actually going skiing, (weekly Stowe Ski Bum race and Bolton Corporate Race League); working on racers’ boots, (punches, updates, etc); working with some bootfitters for their customers’ boots; catching up with racers like Warner and Charles; and, believe it or not, taking a day off to stay out of the shop!

Of course, when you’ve been pushing hard and you back off, that’s when your body says “Gotcha!” And mine has done just that.  A few days ago I was feeling punk (old-school term for no energy and blah) and figured I’m just fighting off a head cold.  Not feeling bad enough to stay in bed, just not feeling like myself.  So yesterday, I declared a day off, slept in, took a nap and plopped myself on the couch for the 24 Hours of Daytona.  Sinuses pounding so popped a few acetaminophen, made some soup and went to bed early. This morning still feeling like hell, so more  acetaminophen, lots of water, maybe more Daytona and then that’s it.  Tomorrow I’m not acknowledging any aches, pains or anything else.

`Cause …

We’re going to Europe on Thursday.  Yep, DODGE Ski Boots are taking a road (air?) trip to Hinterstoder Austria for the World Cup race and then to Munich for ISPO.  I’m looking forward to the trip, as I always like Austria, and we have some good meetings set up for DODGE boots.  I understand from Charles that many of the European racers are really interested in the DODGE boot.  In fact, Charles told me of one race where the Euros skied up behind him during inspection, lifted his pant legs to look at the boots and then gave him the thumbs up! I expect we’ll see a number of boots in Europe next year.

Same thing is happening here.  Mark George and Terry Fogarty (two top Masters racers) had their starts delayed at a recent race `cause the starter wanted to ask them all about their DODGE carbon fiber ski boots.  Guess it didn’t bother them too much though, because they went on to finish 1st and 3rd.

I’ve been working on prototypes of a new power strap.  Instead of the Velcro fastening system, this has a cinch-type buckle similar to one used on a popular after-market elastic strap.  But, our strap moves the buckle around to the back so it is easy to access and doesn’t get smashed by gates. Dave & I are liking it and will be working with a strap supplier to have more made.  In the meantime, I’ll make this offer to you:  If you refer anyone for a purchase of a DODGE Ski Boot in the next 4 weeks, I’ll throw in a pair of our sample power straps for you and the purchaser.  These are very, very limited edition as I’m making them, so act fast.

A reminder to those who are still on the fence about DODGE Ski Boots.  Give me an email ([email protected]) to learn more about our “no-risk” trial.

Off to have more water, acetaminophen and Daytona.


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