We received a nice letter from Michael today at DODGE Ski Boots, asking “How is production going? The blog has been silent about it.”

My apologies to Michael (and everyone else) for not talking about making the boots for a while.  I guess it’s because we were so busy through May getting boots ready for the June camps that I haven’t thought to update all of you on what’s going on with the factory. Here goes.

We shut down production right after Memorial Day so we could make new molds, re-arrange the work flow so it’s a little better and otherwise get everything ready for starting up again in July, making boots for New Zealand, Chile and for people looking to buy their boots early rather than risk not getting any.

Dave has been working like a madman running the CNC router to make all the new molds, including those for size 245 and 235 boots.  We’ve incorporated changes made as a result of the input from people skiing on it last year.  The `10-11 boot will fit a little closer in the forefoot, have a little more room in the styloid process and a little less forward lean.  Plus we found a mold material that will give us a better end-result and help in the production process.

Dave has also been wiring up our new robot.  You’ll recall we had our first employee retirement this Spring, with our original Motoman.  The new robot should be ready soon and will definitely speed things along.

I’ve been working to re-arrange the workflow so it’ll be smoother and also getting parts organized in anticipation of starting up again in a couple of weeks.  That, and a lot of bookwork and other things that are less than exhilarating, but crucial.

So, Michael, in answer to your question: Production for the DODGE carbon fiber ski boot is getting ready to start up again and it’s gonna be exciting!

Stay tuned.


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