Just realized it’s been a few days since the last update.  Guess I’m just too distracted by all that’s going on, especially with the preparation for the big road trip.

And, it’s no better now `cause I’m trying to hurry out the door for my weekly UVM meeting (hockey) and to deliver a new pair of boots to a UVM racer who’s heading to Colorado on Sunday.

Liking the heavy frost, the sunshine and the skim ice on the pond.  The geese are few and far between and even the mergansers are mostly gone.  Guess winter is about to hit. We’ve even had the heat on in the shop!

We have been continuing to make boots like mad men and we’re gonna make our goal.  They are stacked up in the office so we can’t even see through the window into the shop.  But, we’ll take many of those with us.

Fitted up my boots finally last night.  It’s the first time I’ve had my feet in a boot since New Zealand and the first time I’ve been in the new last.  It feels good.  I’ve put a 275 liner in a 265 shell which effectively gives me a 270 size boot and a little extra toe room.  Other than needing to punch the lateral ankles a little, it feels really nice and I can hardly wait to get on them next week.

We’ll be finishing up the boots today and tomorrow and also having a visit from a Canadian racer.  So it’ll be busy.

Gotta run.

More later.


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