We’ve followed a saying around here at DODGE Ski Boots:  If you want to improve, you have to be different.

It’s something that’s been proven time and again with our carbon fiber ski boots.  The racers and recreational skiers looking to improve and willing to do something different by skiing on DODGE Boots have seen measurable performance improvements by changing from their status quo.

Today that maxim of doing something different to improve was demonstrated wonderfully by Formula One auto racing powerhouse Scuderia Ferrari at the Grand Prix of Spain.

You see, for the last couple of months, most teams had complained that the racing had become boring because they felt the only way to make it to the end of the race was through ultra-conservative use of their tires.  Popular opinion was that F1 was becoming an endurance contest and not a race.

Today, Team Ferrari said “Sono stronzate!”  (Go ahead, look it up.)

Instead of telling their drivers to conserve their tires, the team told them to push as hard as possible.  They did and pulled out huge gaps in front of their competition.

By the time the other teams realized what was going on, it was too late.

Result?  Ferrari was 1st and 3rd on the podium.

Bravo Ferrari for not doing the same as everyone else and having the testicoli to do something different.

Are you willing to be different to improve your skiing?  (Hint: Dodge carbon fiber ski boots.)


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