Master craftsman Orlando works on the cutting template for Dodge Ski Boots liners.

As most people know, the liner of a ski boot is a critical component.  It’s the part closest to your foot and, if it’s not right, it can compromise even the best shell.

In Italy, a ski boot liner is known as a “scarpetta”.

For decades, the finest ski boot liners (or scarpette) have been made by craftsmen in Montebelluna, Italy.  This town, just north of Venice, has a long history of making footwear for the mountains.  Long before skiing became an industry, craftsmen there were providing handmade hiking and mountaineering boots for the “city people” from Venice before they went up into the Dolomite mountains.

With the advent of plastic shell ski boots, the inner boot (or liner) was created as the interface between the cold hard plastic and the foot.  The good craftsmen of Montebelluna were there to satisfy the need.

Today, the finest ski boot liners are still made in Italy.  You’ll find the sons and grandsons of the early liner makers still using many of the age-old techniques. While modern mass-production techniques are often used for less-expensive liners, the finest (and most expensive) liners are still made by hand.

When Dodge Ski Boots was looking for a liner to complement our state-of-the-art carbon composite ski boot, we chose a small, family-run “calzaturificio” ( or shoe factory) to hand craft the finest liners possible.  We are delighted to work hand-in-hand with them to constantly refine and improve our “scarpette”.