I’ve been talking quite a bit about changes in cuff alignment and forward lean.

With a “slug” boot, the cuff alignment is usually not a major deal.  Why?  One reason is the nature of the rubber boot material, which is pliable enough that simple changes in buckle tightness will change the effective cuff alignment and stiffness.  But, that same pliability is also affects the power transmission to the ski and  reduces the effectiveness.

With the Dodge Ski Boot, the cuff doesn’t have the mushiness like a rubber boot.  This is exactly what you want for efficient energy transfer.  But, it also requires a little more precision in setting up the boot to deliver optimal performance.  (Kinda like a Formula One car versus a rental car.)

We’re finding little adjustments in the cuff alignment and forward lean translate to noticeable performance differences to discerning skiers.

Take Brian for example.  He did a modest cuff alignment, but felt he was still “sitting in the back seat”.  Then, he changed the side bushings to make the boot a little more upright and, voila, he’s feeling good.  Here it is in his own words.

“I can’t get over how much better the new stance in the boots is now that we have made those changes.  I have so much more power at the top of the turn and can arc turns much tighter than in my old boots.  I’m finished with a turn so much quicker than before too.  Couldn’t find the speed limit Saturday or Sunday on Liftline and the skis was going arc to arc with bigger angles than I had ever skied before.  Bodes well for the SG on Thursday and Friday at Okemo.  Going to really try and straighten the line out more because of the added precision with the boots.  I’ll keep you posted.”

As you know, I’m constantly fiddling to gather data for Dave, (often to my own detriment) and will be trying some new cuff/forward lean combinations at today’s Ski Bum World Cup Race.  I also expect to try another pair of shells that are stock stiffness rather than the softened ones I’ve been using.

If I don’t wreck myself, I’ll give you reports.

Enjoy the day.


  1. Hi Bill,
    This sounds interesting and makes a lot of sense.
    Will you be around on the weekend of the 20th? I might be up that way and would like to see more about what you are doing.

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