I was in the shop from 7 AM to 7 PM molding boot parts, mostly for the 275 size.  They’re looking good.  I have to attend to some family business today, but Dave will be working on trimming the parts for the next assembly step.

Unlike an injection molded ski boot, the Dodge Ski Boot is thermo-formed from a flat sheet of carbon fiber composite laminate so, after it is removed from the mold, it needs to be trimmed to the finished dimensions.  A little more work, but we think the results are worth it.

We had some really good trials over the last couple of days with the boots.  Good enough that at least 2 pair are headed back to Europe with some racers from the U.S.  Go fast guys!  We’ll update you as we are able.

I’ll be back in the shop in the morning.  We have another racer who wants to take a pair of boots with him when he returns to the circuit, so I need to finish up tweaking his boots.

Careful driving … snow forecast for later today.


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